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Ingredients for 4 glass cups:

3 Apples like Royal Gala or Idared

150 gr of Natural Chestnut

3 soup spoons of Sweetened chestnut purée

2 coffee spoons of Honey of Sweet chestnut tree


Crush natural chestnuts in crack and mix them in the sweetened chestnut purée to obtain a smooth mixture.

Peel apples and cut them in dices. Reserve half. Make the other half return to the frying pan in a knob of butter. Add 2 coffee spoons of honey of sweet chestnut tree and let caramelize until obtain a beautiful golden color. Mix cooked apples and raw apples.

In every glass cup, arrange chestnuts with the cream then the mixture of apples.

End of a dome of Chantilly. Serve immediately.

To elaborate these recipe, Art et Bio selected natural chestnuts and sweetened chestnut purée of the Jardins du Salvet, the Thierry Berthomieu\'s honey of sweet chestnut tree.

These products are available in the section Selection Art and Bio.

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Ce produit est disponible à la boutique Art et Bio.


When the apple becomes cider:

Apples are harvested in full maturity. They are then crushed and the obtained pulp is pressed. After a natural clarification, a slow fermentation is made for 6 weeks minimum before the bottling. A new fermentation makes a commitment then which we call " bottling fermentation " and which gives the sparkling to the cider. This period has to last also 6 weeks. Slow and long fermentations confer a fine and easily digestible bubble, intense and persistent aromas.

There are various Appellations of Protected Origin to differentiate the soils of ciders: AOP Cornouaille (in Brittany), AOP Pays d’Auge (in the Calvados).

We recognize the personality of a cider by its fine and firm bubbles, by its aromatic complexity in the nose, its ample and robust structure, its lenght, its freshness in mouth.
Ciders present a rate of alcohol, a variable residual content in sugars. They are classified in 3 categories following these criteria:
- Sweet cider: less than 3 ° of alcohol, more than 42 g / liter of sugar
- Semi-dry cider: between 3 ° and 4 ° of alcohol, between 28 and 42 g / liter of sugar
- Dry cider: 4 ° of alcohol and more, less than 28 g / liter of sugar

Art et Bio selected the dry cider Séhédic.

This product is available in the section Selection Art and Bio.

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Ce produit est disponible au marché Art et Bio.

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