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www.art-et-bio.com is a website which preaches the authenticity of savours and the respect of Planet. It is aimed at the private individuals as well as the professionals concerned of their health and their environment.

All information appearing in the various headings of this website originates from organic or biodynamy:
- “Labels”: presentation of the marks and logos identifying the products resulting from an organic or biodynamic farming;
- “In the Menu”: agreement of food and wines of the season with easy and fast recipes to regale itself in any circumstance (the organic followers do not eat only raw carrots!);
- “Exhibitions”: events of the month to meet the respectful producers of our health and our environment;
- “Competitions”: presentation of the farming competitions where are illustrated products resulting from an organic or biodynamic farming;
- “Addresses”: addresses of independent producers, restaurants, delicatessens who present only organic or biodynamic specialities with possibility of reception in lodging, chambre d’hotes, camp-site, table of hosts or room of reception;
- “The Basket Art et Bio”: selection of products resulting from the organic or biodynamic farming, coming exclusively from independent farms, for shopping delivered to residence;
- “Pro Space”: services proposed to the professionals of the products resulting from the organic or biodynamic farming (producers, distributors) to present their production and to develop their sales (regrouping of orders, participation to professional exhibitions)

www.art-et-bio.com is directed by Carole JACQUEMIN:
- oenologist, graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier (France) in 1994,
- specialized in Assurance of Quality Management of the CFPPA of Macon-Davaye (France) in 1996,
- jury in the Competition of the Muscatels of the World, of Vinalies,
- organizer of tasting lessons and topic evenings since 1997.

“The website www.art-et-bio.com is born from the passion of the wine and gastronomic agreements which sublimate savours, more especially as the products result from true soils, of a farming respectful of our environment. They contribute to our health in addition! These treasures of wellbeing are not at the foot of a rainbow but well and truly within reach. I introduce to you these actors, suction pipes of taste 100% naturalness, I propose their production to you to benefit fully from their benefits and thus to take part together in the reconversion of a too intensive and insipid farming. ”

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